Rowing Programs

For centuries the sport of rowing has been widely associated with universities that have a reputation for academic excellence. Perceptions go a long way in garnering global respect and the Ivy League colleges, Cal Berkeley, Stanford, Oxford & Cambridge, in addition to enjoying massive endowments, also have the world’s most renowned rowing teams.

Many University administrators understand that a rowing program, even one with club status, can give the institution an Ivy League shadow. So, as a leader of a collegiate rowing program, never underestimate the value your team brings to your University.

From Success to Significance
When you ask yourself the significant question ‘what value does my rowing program bring to my University?’ you are on the right path to transforming your program from a typical club or second tier varsity program, to a first class and internationally respected rowing institution. By asking yourself this question, you are also asking (and beginning to answer) many other critical questions as well. What value does this program bring to the students rowing on the team? What value could this program bring to the students you want to see rowing on the team. What value does this program bring to my alumni, the parents of the rowers, administrators and faculty?

It does not matter whether you are recognized with club or varsity status at your college. When you look at your program from the perspective of your constituents you start to see from their shoes why they would want to support your mission. Team leaders must adopt this new mentality before they will gain the support of the various stake holders needed to transform the program. You will be amazed at what can happen both on and off the water when all of these groups truly ‘buy in’ to your mission. You will now have an empowered and networked syndicate of support and you will raise the funds needed to achieve your goals.

This is what happens when you change your focus from success to significance.

Professional Fundraising Service for your Program
You don’t task your board to coach the team so why do you think it will successfully raise the funds your program desperately needs?

For the typical collegiate club rowing team, fundraising responsibilities have been the realm of an all-volunteer Board of Directors made up of alumni. While such Boards have very worthy intentions, they generally lack the necessary professional fundraising skills needed to meet the program’s annual giving goals. Volunteers also have the realities of their own lives to face on a daily basis, which can easily be distracting from the immediate needs of the team. Furthermore, with larger non-profit organizations hiring multitudes of full time professional fundraisers to advance their goals in recent decades, competition for every philanthropic dollar has increased. In this world, the smaller non-profit entities have been squeezed out since they lack the resources to also hire full-time development professionals.

Some collegiate rowing programs task their coaches to the role of fundraising. However, this can be to their detriment as there are few coaches qualified or even motivated to fulfill this role.

Network Syndicates LLC can create and execute a fundraising program that greatly exceeds the fundraising needs of your team. This is achieved with a continuous campaign that incorporates social media, email, newsletters, direct mailings and events. These initiatives would engage all of the teams constituents and stakeholders (alumni, oarsmen and coxswains, parents, coaches and staff) with a bold message that is consistent with the team’s core values. The richness of the content and ability to capture the imagination of your donors is key to successful fundraising and we have an established track record in achieving this.

Network Syndicates LLC understands from direct experience working with numerous collegiate rowing programs across the country, both varsity and club, what is needed to help you transform your program.

Proven fundraising expertise for a fraction of the cost
When you hire Network Syndicates LLC, you gain fundraising expertise for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time fundraising employee. Furthermore, by hiring an independent contractor you avoid paying payroll tax and fringe benefits such as healthcare and 401K contributions, which typically add a further 40% to the employee cost. And then there is the flexibility of being able to terminate the contract at any time without penalty.

A successful team requires financial support from its network of alumni, friends and parents of current and former oarsmen. We will work with you and your team to achieve your fundraising goals by focussing on your program’s significance to its constituents. In turn you will witness your network transformed into a wonderful syndicate of support for your mission.